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Who: As founder and owner of Functional Nutrition NYC Inc, Alexandra Hockens is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CNS) with a Master of Science in Functional Medicine & Human Nutrition. 

The nutritionists at Functional Nutrition NYC have trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine and affiliate programs.

What: Functional Nutrition NYC employs methodologies that bring about whole-body health by targeting the root causes of physiological imbalance. Nutrition is so much more than calorie counting. Our team has successfully worked with clients suffering from chronic fatigue, autoimmune disease, irritable bowel syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, bladder pain, metabolic syndrome/weight challenges, and more. 

How:  An in-depth nutritional and lifestyle evaluation is conducted with each client which includes analysis of laboratory work, symptoms, history, lifestyle patterns, and goals.  Tailored nutrition and supplement plans are prescribed. Alexandra's team also orders specialty functional lab work as part of the evaluation and protocol plans (blood, urine, saliva, stool/microbiome) and/or can work with your Primary Care Physician/Practitioner on relevant laboratory work. 

Where: We operate in-person in NYC, Virginia/Washington DC, and Beverly, Mass. We also often meet with clients over the phone/video and in person. See the Nutritionist Bio section for more details!




"Alex is a top-notch nutritionist - a real scientist and health-nerd who is also a great people person, and treats each client with care and love, like she would want to be treated. In the years she has been working with me as a Functional Medicine researcher and as a nutritionist student, I was impressed time and again by her thoroughness, attention to detail and deep knowledge of the science behind human health. Alex is a lovely person, and I cannot recommend her more!"

Victoria Albina, FNP-c, MPH
NYC Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Life Coach, Host of the "Feminist Wellness" Podcast

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The Greek Father of Medicine

"If someone wishes for good health, one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the reasons for his illness. Only then is it possible to help him."