Functional Nutrition is founded on the principles of Functional Medicine, which aims to correct root causes of chronic disease by comprehensively evaluating and treating the whole-body system.  Functional Medicine & Nutrition utilizes systems biochemistry to identify disease patterns upstream as a means to correct underlying causes of chronic sickness.

This approach is somewhat contrary to conventional medicine, which more often considers the pathology of each organ system in isolation from one another, and focuses on the treatment of diseases rather than the cure and prevention of disease. 

As an example, a conventional protocol may suggest that your headaches have nothing to do with your chronic fatigue and constipation, and that a different treatment is required for each unique each symptom. A Functional protocol for this scenario would include an evaluation of all symptoms and triggers, so that connections can be drawn across the entire body system. In this example, it is possible that the headaches, chronic fatigue, and constipation are all related to certain underlying imbalances. A Functional protocol aims to address those underlying imbalances, instead of solely addressing the symptoms of the imbalance.

As it relates to nutrition, adequate nutrition is different from optimal nutrition. Functional practitioners utilize a more narrow laboratory reference range for important vitamins, minerals, and mitochondrial metabolites to deduce potential disease patterns before the actual diagnosis may occur. In short, functional practitioners look further upstream to identify where things are going wrong.

Functional Medicine Practitioners do not by default denounce pharmaceutical treatments when necessary. The Nutritionists at Functional Nutrition NYC can partner with your Primary Care Physician to pair food and supplements with a pharmaceutical protocol prescribed by your licensed practitioner when necessary.