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Alex is a top-notch nutritionist - a real scientist and health-nerd who is also a great people person, and treats each client with care and love, like she would want to be treated. In the years she has been working with me as a Functional Medicine researcher and as a nutritionist student, I was impressed time and again by her thoroughness, attention to detail and deep knowledge of the science behind human health. Alex is a lovely person, and I cannot recommend her more!

Victoria Albina, FNP-c, MPH, Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Life Coach, Host of the "Feminist Wellness" Podcast


"A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease.  I knew nothing about healthy eating, but after hearing time and time again that food plays a major role in conditions like mine, I contacted Alexandra for help.  I quickly saw that she was extremely passionate and well versed in this area.  We sat down together and went over the in-depth long-term nutrition plan she devised for me so I knew my starting points. This included dietary changes, supplements, and detox routines.

I had about a million questions as I implemented the plan, and she was in constant communication with me over the phone and through email.  She even checked on how I was doing periodically when she hadn't heard from me in awhile. Alexandra helped evaluate my lab work (blood chemistry, etc) and requested additional labs as needed from my Doctor. She was able to explain the science behind my nutrition plan, and gaining this understanding gave me motivation to stay the course with my new way of eating. 

After some time, my new lifestyle became second nature and I didn't need any exterior motivation because not only did I notice my health improving, I saw some unexpected benefits like a boost in energy, mental clarity, and weight loss.  I wholeheartedly believe food was a major factor in my disease going into remission, and I absolutely cannot thank Alexandra enough for that."

Ryn J, Washington D.C


"On August 24th my blood test results were shown to be unacceptable.  Consequently,  I met with Maria  on  August 31st to discuss this situation.  Five of the tests where not in the proper reference range.  They were either too low or too high. 
My meeting with Maria was quite lengthy as she appropriately questioned me on many aspects of my diet and lifestyle.  Per Maria’s sound advice I commenced my regimen of consuming a significant amount of water, a probiotic, and dietary supplements daily. 
On October 13th I underwent another battery of blood tests.  The results were “unbelievable”.  Due solely to Maria all five “unacceptables” are now “normal” and very acceptable to me.
I will most certainly will continue with Maria’s “RIGHT ON” advice!!!!
Maria, thank you so much."

Beverly L., Massachussets


"A few years ago, my body underwent a number of seemingly unexplained changes. I had developed new food allergies, chronic candida outbreaks, and my gut could no longer handle dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine or alcohol in the same way it used to. After months of trying, unsuccessfully, to treat my symptoms myself, I sought Alex's professional consultation.

She evaluated my symptoms and connected the puzzle pieces for me, explaining how all of my issues were intertwined with gut health. Alex immediately outlined a detailed, custom treatment plan that included supplements/herbs, a list of foods to avoid and to have, a broth recipe, proper lifestyle habits, etc. She checked in on my progress regularly via phone and email and adjusted my treatment plan based on improvements or roadblocks. Over the past few months, I've seen major results with my candida breakouts, energy level and stress level.

The path to a healthy gut is a journey, but the symptoms can absolutely be reversed through Alex's functional health treatments."

Brittany P, New York City


"My nutritional goal was to lose 10-15 lbs and Alex was very instrumental in my weight loss. Alex introduced me to the Ketogenic Diet. She made me think of keto as a lifestyle—not as a “diet” for only losing weight. Through Alex’s influence, I came to understand keto as a therapeutic way of living and eating that is much more sustainable for weight loss and overall health than fad diets. I lost 10 lbs within the first two months with little to no exercise; I wanted to focus on my mind and being in the state of Ketosis during this pivotal weight loss time.

Through in-depth weekly follow-ups for the first few months, I was able to lose 11.5 lbs and maintain my weight. I am extremely happy with the results and lifestyle change. Five months later, I have recently re-entered Ketosis and aim to lose five more lbs. Alex remains in close contact even after I’ve met my initial goal, to check to see how I’m feeling and what additional progress I’ve made. Her knowledge and continuous support is an inspiration. I’ve encouraged others to utilize this amazing platform for healthy weight loss and overall health."

Braylen B, New York City


“Alex took on the role of my nutrition coach to help me get healthy and lose weight. My personal nutrition goal was simple: look and feel better while learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Simple to say, but not so simple to do on my own. That’s a where Alex came into play.

Her approach was methodical, transparent, practical and highly motivating. We started off with an initial discovery discussion to talk about my current lifestyle, eating habits, general mood and to really nail down my goals and how to achieve them. She helped me set a lifestyle plan that was specifically tailored to me and my body type and she emphasized that this shouldn’t be a painful process. After I got started, Alex pulled useful data on my progress via weekly calls and even checked in more often than that. We adjusted my plan, as needed throughout, depending on how I was feeling and the speed of my progress. The thing that sets Alex apart as a nutrition coach is her want to make sure her clients feel better too. Not just look better.

All said and done, after about 2 months following Alex’s plan, I lost over 20 pounds. I thought that would have been the most important part, but in reality the way I felt was even more impressive. I had more energy, slept better, was in a better mood and knew reaching out to Alex as a coach was the right thing to do. She helped me learn a ton about health and to change my lifestyle in a way that’s sustainable, not just a lost weight fast program. I could be happier with the results and would recommend Alex to anyone trying to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

John P, New York City


"I have been working with Maria for a few years now. She is an expert in Nutrition and Wellness and has helped me lead a wonderful, healthy lifestyle. We have gone to the supermarket, she has kept me updated on the latest nutritional research and made it fun to be healthy. And the best, she is so knowledgeable and I have never looked and felt better. If you really want to improve your health and live a long life, then please make your appointment with Maria. It may be the best decision you ever make!"

Kim Clark, Massachusetts